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Oliver Peoples & Parabellum Collaboration


The Oliver Peoples has teamed up with the Los Angeles deluxe label Parabellum for a limited eyewear edition. Mike Feldman, one of the Parabellum’s creative team, shared his thoughts that it was an honest collobararion for them and a very organic project. For the crearive directoy of olever Peoples, Lise Tyler, the working together provided the opportunity to contribute to a design process that contains strength to the both brands.

Handcrafted locally in L.A., the personal design is a fabulous riff on the iconic seventies-inspired Linford aviator dreamed in two wearable limited-edition colors-one in matte black with custom black acetate detailing and another in rose gold with Sahara tortoise acetate detailing.

These sunglasses are easily identifiable as Oliver Peoples fashion eyewear line. The designers have been able to include one more discoverable element for this since they do tailor made glass lenses. The breath logo which is revealed if you breathe on the lens. Better known for their work with bison leather, the duo behind Parabellum attempted to design an accompanying case which was of the same value for the glasses. We can say thet this colobottive team went through the history of older cases and yes it actually reduced to functionality. The manner in which houses are built and designed and decorated in L.A., everything is done very well but they’re not done in a rigorous fashion, they flow. Concerning the glasses and also the case, there’s an organic flow and feel.&#9822