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New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Fall-Winter 2012-2013


You would absolutely fall in love with fashion and Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection 2013.

Marc Jacobs got his status as New York fashion’s consummate showman. The set was magnificent and stunning. Imagined at the designer’s request by his good friend, the artist Rachel Feinstein, the design paper folly seemed like a damaged fortress. A pretend water fountain was located almost on the curving runway.

There weren’t the eighteenth-century in France. Marc Jacobs’ models wore pilgrim boots, of both the flat and stacked heel variety, attached with massive rhinestone buckles. And their crazy costumes, the fashion designer that he was impressed by the likes of Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, fashion eccentrics from the first order and mash-up artists a long time before the Sartorialist became available.

Piaggi has never gone anyplace with no hat, and Marc Jacobs had some doozies on the show Fall-Winte 2012-2013 in NY. Made of different colored mink, they tilted this way and dipped that, like something away from Dr. Seuss. The getups were just like off-kilter: Wool stoles were buttoned over coats made of woll worn together with patchwork dresses on top of popped trousers. Colors were all over the map; prints ranged through oversize paisleys to flowered pencil doodles.

It’s really amazing if a fashion designer can easily deliver audience falling out directly into the night time humming a pleasant ditty and feeling they’ve just seen the very best show in town. That had been precisely the happy feeling Marc Jacobs, fashion creator, made the event which combined fashion with live theater on a grand but curiously fairly sweet level. He placed on a incredibly unusual clearly show of cartoony Victoriana which oughtn’t to possess made impression on any kind of level, but ended up putting huge smiles of pleasure on faces and lifting mood.