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Versace 19-69 Eyewear Campaign | Sebastian Schluter|Iakovos Kalaitzakis

Versace-19-69-eyewear campaign by Iakovos Kalaitzakis

Versace has presented an advertising campaign of sunglasses and optical line Versace 19-69 fashion eyewear with Sebastian Schluter. Sebstian was attended with a charming girl- model. Models posed in front of the camera wearing the fashion glasses from the new eyewear collection Versace 19-69.

Sebastian Schluter by Iakovos Kalaitzakis Versace 19-69 Campaign eyewear

Versace 19-69 has combined timeless designs with prismatic colors with their latest fashion collection. The new Versace advertising campaign was captured by photographer Iakovos Kalaitzakis.
The line of products Versace 19-69 also includes clothing, watches and handbags.

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Jimmy Choo Aviator – Luisa – Sunglasses

Specially for holiday time Jimmy Choo has announced the new luxurious “Luisa” aviator sunglasses, which frame is encrusted with glamorous crystal stones encrusted in the temples’ metal bars to add the feature of luxury for any Jimmy Choo design accessories.

 Jimmy Choo aviator Luisa

If you were to research baby names, you’d see that “Luisa” means “famous in war”, which can explain why it was selected for the latest Jimmy Choo sunglasses style. The Jimmy Choo sunglasses Luisa nod to the aviator style which was popular in 70’s, fashion style icons like Bianca Jagger, Carly Simon and Stevie Nicks. Aviator frame with rounded, teardrop-shaped, gradient lenses.
The Jimmy Choo Luisa black frames were modeled using Optyl, a feather-light plastic material, and were accented with logo like engraved metal strips along the bridge bar and the temples.

 Jimmy Choo aviator Luisa

These aviator frames Luisa are offered in 4 colors: matte black, matte white, glistening gold, and metallic silver. The Jimmy Choo Aviator Sunglasses Luisa come in an well-designed faux crocodile clutch. The Jimmy Choo eyewear will be available in December 2011.

CARRERA Escape Brasil Rio de Janeiro


Malvino Salvador, Gagliasso Bruno, Giovanna Ewbank enjoyed the second edition of the Brazilian car exhaust, in Rio de Janeiro. Promoted by eyewear brand CARRERA , the event brought together celebrities and VIPs by the pool at the Hotel La Suite.

Malvino Salvador

Malvino came straight from the recordings of Fina Estampa wearing jeans and polo. “I’m basically on a daily basis, so I leave to be in fashion accessories, such as the CARRERA sunglasses.”

Gagliasso Bruno, Giovanna Ewbank

Overflowing elegance, Bruno invested in look and chose setentinha glasses icon of the era and hair gel. It revealed that Giovanna loves accessories for men and always steals the pieces of her husband’s wardrobe.
The thugs were greeted by Fernanda Paolone, manager of brand marketing.

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Calvin Klein Fall 2011 Eyewear Collection

 Calvin Klein 7819S

This Fall 2011 Calvin Klein debuts with new eyewear collection that incorporates high class and stylish luxury charm into both the men’s and women’s sunglasses collections. Smooth, right and architectural lines and limited detail embellishments make a minimalistic fashion trend design eyewear collection. Complicated color combinations play the main role in this fashion eyewear season’s collections.
Femininity is presented in each women’s glass frame, is shown in luxurious horns, gradient lens and translucent or textured patterns. The men’s eyewear collection is iconic and masculine with custom grey zyl interiors, exclusive hinge treatments and polarized lenses on all sunglass frames.

Luxury zyl sunglasses are etched and carved, creating a linear textured surface treatment, which accents pillowed square frames.

 Calvin Klein 7820S

Metal eyewear frame 7820S is stamped to create a smooth core wire visible through translucent zyl temples resulting in a exclusive, modern approach

 Calvin Klein 7808

Iconic custom grey zyl is carved and sculpted. This eyewear frame is pointed by a logo plaque and flexible hinges. 7808 eyeglass frame is designed for the ultra modern, Calvin Klein Collection consumer and is offered in Black, Walnut, Hunter, and Brick.

 Calvin Klein 7467SP

Powdered metal front of 7467SP sunglasses creates a minimal, classic look and feel. Metal is curved and sculpted to form a unique proprietary hinge. A personalized, dual bar aviator Calvin Klein is available in Black with solid Green lens, Brown with solid Brown lens, Navy with solid Smoke lens, and Burgundy with solid Smoke lens.

 Calvin Klein 7117clip

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CARRERA 86 Eyewear Presents a Special Edition

CARRERA takes ideas from its own history to introduce a special edition sunglasses. The novel and inimitable design of the original iconic CARRERA eyewear is associated with the brand’s archives.


The new CARRERA 86 fashion sunglasses are reproduction of classic 80’s style. Even the name of designer sunglasses includes the year of the unique model. This new designer sunglasses recapture the chic which defines the period in time fashion and tells about CARRERA eyewear.
The slim aviator frame is produced in steel and metal with individual features recalling fashion eyewear historic signatures: the metal bridge, the acetate icon on the nosepiece and the red detail on the temples alongside the debossed logo.
Carrera 86

The delicate styling of the model is connected with elite quality, It is seen in the flex mechanism on the temples, which is replicated in the original hinge. The CARRERA 86 fashion sunglasses are available in a gold frame with yellow lenses, in a palladium frame with silver grey lenses and in a gold frame with shaded brown lenses.
Iconic sunglasses come with a special original box, right down to the handy soft inner case. This is a compliment to the technological research of CARRERA. The result is a superlative designer eyewear with advanced characteristics.

Christmas Gift Versace 2011 Limited Sunglasses

Can you find something cooler than a pair of Versace sunglasses for Christmas gift for your relatives? May be only two pairs of Versace sunglasses.


Especially for celebration Christmas 2011, the Fashion House introduced a new limited line of women sunglasses. New Versace edition embodied the unique elegant and modern style.
This line includes black frame with gray smoke or polarizing glasses collocation and ivory frame with brown smoke grey lens.



Versace Christmas sunglasses with acetic acid ester plank, classic profile, wide picture frame, soft gray smoke lenses, elegant outer coating with golden medusa logo – classic Versace mark.


This logo is also presented in the mirror box with gold-plated buttons as decoration. The mirror box shows ancient ways of protection leather bag dinner.
Versace is a name, this brand dictates fashion choice and offers something special for you and not only.

The Ray-Ban Light Ray


The Ray-Ban introduced a new eyewear collection “LIGHTER, THINNER, STRONGER”- Light Ray.
Made out of corrosion-resistant Titanium Alloy. Every component and pin are manufactured without welding and screws, in one piece to ensure that you can get exactly what you want.
They weigh is no more than 1.7 grams, they are available in five colors:










The Ray-Ban Light Ray eyeglasses will become a great alternative to the heavy eyewear frames. Although many people use contact lenses for visual reasons, many others prefer them to return the discomfort heavy eyeglasses. This stream was created also for those who can’t stand get in touch with lenses.
You should harry up to see them with your own eyes!

Blumarine Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012


What will be the next fashion trend in Spring/Summer 2012 season? Looks like, floral prints are going to be ‘it’, as more than every designer showed floral nuances in his/her collection during this year’s fashion shows.
Blumarine Eyewear also has presented the next Spring-Summer Collection 2012. The main stream of fashion set is full of amazing сolors: black&white, beige shades with creamsicle orange, purple, turquoise, lime green, teal and yellow nuances and more eye-popping colors that is incredibly stylish, fresh and youthful like previous awesome season which was inspired by leopard and zebra prints. Fantasy images, contemporary classic looks, retro-inspired models, femininity design, which corresponds to the Blumarine flower runway.

Stylish and ultra-feminine eyeglasses Collection are presented through the soul of the historic style collection called «timeless». This idea of fashion luxury is always embodied in all the clothes and accessories of this brand: romantic looks, elegant lines and sensual features, unique style.
The Fashion House brought to the audience new models and experiments, with particular attention to detail and personalization. Warm sensitivity predominates over cold materials and bright colors. There are a lot of metal models with colored enamels, different sparkling glasses, printed flower patterns.
As the summary elegant and ironic proposals from Blumarine are the best chosen for women who love to play with their femininity and don’t afraid to be seen during this Spring 2012.

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Eyewear Fashion Sunglasses – Diane von Furstenberg Spring-Summer 2012

The new collection of glasses from designer Diane Von Furstenberg combines unique designs, modern materials and details for summer 2012. The design of each model is developed with close attention to shapes and colors, wandering through the green, blue and pastels. Large parts, rods and minimalist cat eyes bring an aura of cool, sophisticated and individual. The ready to wear collections DVF always remain an inspiration for this line eyewear – frames in motion with curves similar to the freeform wrap dress, and rich combinations of colors are reminiscent of the label printed scarves.

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 808S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 808S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 556S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 556S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 536S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 536S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 510S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 510S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 546S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 546S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 513S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 513S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 540S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 540S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 816S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 816S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 807S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 807S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 547S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 547S

DIANE von FURSTENBERG eyewear fashion spring summer 2012 Collection DVF 537S
Eyewear – Fashion Sunglasses DVF 537S

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