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Balenciaga Eyewear Fashion Spring-Summer 2012 Ad Campaign


Starring new models for Balenciaga’s new Spring-Summer 2012 campaign were set in a untidy hotel room and photographed by Steven Meisel with styling by Marie-Amelie Sauvé. The girls look like members of a band with smudged eyeliner and disheveled hair.

First look – and you can feel clothes look awful, girls are awful and all is unpleasant for eyes but…

The new eyewear line from Balenciaga can be characterize as “hi-tech”, futuristic, a little disturbing for women in the latest fashion collection for spring-summer 2012. The style of technological challenging corresponds to the new trend season.

Accessories bring a wave of urban “rotten-to-chic”: with acrylic bracelets, zipper boots and amazing glasses from Grandma.