Ferragamo Fashion Sunglasses Fall-Winter 2012-2013


The gorgeous supermodel Kate Moss, icon of style, has become the star of the new advertising eyewear campaign fall-winter 2012-2013 of the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion Italian house.

The chic brand is on the list of favorites from Italian and international famous people and has chosen to concentrate on the very poor English girl, the makers, regardless of the passing of years, carry on and love, to provide the new Ferragamo sunglasses collection for this cold trend fashion season set to unveil the double soul of the woman who Ferragamo, in accordance with the event, understands how to show its more modern than most sensual and elegant. Let’s discover the brand Ferragamo eyewear winter 2013 new collection in the powerful shots featuring Kate Moss.

The most famous model at this moment and one of the few, of his generation, to be still going strong. And high interest in promotional initiatives for fashion brands as unique of each other, is a fashion icon proven, has created capsule clothes collection for Topshop and brands such as Longchamp and introduced the perfume of its own. All they need and actually Salvatore Ferragamo has wouldn’t do so in his last promoting. In the actual fashion sunglasses photos of the advertising campaign, created by the professional photographer Mikael Jansson. The model wears the look of the new powerful and useful variety of brands that fit wonderfully to the setting selected, just as baroque and tasteful, exquisite, the Russian Embassy in Berlin. In the images the super top wearing some decorative accents strpitosi accessories, such as clutch tubular, high-heeled shoes with all the line that is similar to the pieces of art and amazing, superb, amazing mary jane stitched in gold retro charm. The clothes and sunglasses, from the baroque details, finishes, they are enhanced by the wonderful Sofia bag. One of the it bag of the residence, displayed by Moss in the picture above.

Simply speaking, the Feragamo sunglasses 2013 collection is so stylish that they wouldn’t need any release, but with pictures of this specific advertising, the brand has certainly outdone themself.



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