What Kind of Sunlasses Psy Wears in Gangnam Style Video?


In case you haven’t seen“Gangnam Style”, you need to watch it. PSY‘s hit song has turn into a globally impression. Gangnam Style by PSY a Korean rapper.

You know, we really loves the song and the dance moves which goes with it. It is simply too crazy and unique.
You might seen the singer is always wearing sunglasses. What Kind of Sunlasses Psy Wears in Gangnam Style Video? From the video he puts two different pairs of sunglasses.

Do you know what Gangnam is? It’s a a district in Seoul, a city in South Korea. Gangnam is the area to go if you need to go out and party and it mainly attracts the younger audience. The Gangnam area should be stylish, hip and happening with class but it’s the those who go out there to socialise which give off this impression. Those people who are from tose place aren’t actually pretentious so this song it is just a bit of a joke and taking the mickey out of these type of pretentious people.

What model of sunglasses he was wearing in the Gangnam style video?

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