Special Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyewear | Fashion Sunglasses Saving Forest

Marc by Marc Jacobs Atlantic Forest sunglasses

Saving the atlantic forest with Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion eyewear.

Marc by Marc Jacobs chic, vintage inspired fashion eyewear, which was derived from a company well known for a commitment to altruistic projects. Marc by Marc Jacobs supports The Nature Conservancy, the leading conservation organization working around the world to care for ecology through a newly created program “PLANT A SEED – GROW YOUR TREE AND SAVE THE FOREST”.

The program is expected at promoting and supporting The Nature Conservancy’s “PLANT A BILLION TREES” campaign, through an main activity for the preservation of our planet’s natural resources.

The campaign’s mission is to protect and restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests.

Marc by Marc Jacobs mmj 261/sB sunglasses

At the centre of this project are Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 261/s fashion sunglasses bio-based, which were made from a material derived from castor-oil seeds. The chocolate colored sunglasses, which feature leaf textured temples, are packaged in a chic case made from repurposed leather.

In support of this project, Marc by Marc Jacobs will make a contribution to The Nature Conservancy to support the restoration of the Atlantic Forest.

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