Prada Spring-Summer 2013 – Runway Show


Car styles, monkey prints, an exhibition of pantsuits…Miuccia Prada never stops to shock. This Summer 2013 season, the designer has selected a floral motif and Japanese-inspired silhouettes (think a twisted form of an obi belt, tabi-style shoes, kimono-like pieces, and origami pleats). The new tendences has been presented in an eyewear fashion line, as well. The two worked well together – the second serving to temper flower accents that may have easily appear overly frilly and juvenile.


Shapes were stiff and mostly fitted but carried out with sculpted details (namely around the bodice), including softness to otherwise stark looks. This is an eyeglasses spring 2013 collection in the end and Prada presented some easy going fun.


Fashion may be the very stuff of dreams. We look to it to generate dreams appear, in the transient moment, a little less impossible. Additionally it is the stuff of advertising. Nobody plays one-time the other more deftly or even more wonderfully than Prada, a strategy that once again took her to that particular compelling point where clothes to ponder meet clothes to wear.


Everything seemed gorgeous, unfussy and also sober at times, designed to fascinate its way beyond fashion chatter and into actual life.


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