Prada Presents – A Therapy – Directed by Roman Polanski

Prada Women’s Timeless Heritage Rounded Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Prada presents “A Therapy”, a short film is directed by Roman Polanski. The film was shown in Cannes Festival 2012. Starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter.

As regards the partnership with Prada, Polanski said he was afraid about maintaining creative freedom – a worry that soon proved unfounded. “When I was asked to make a short movie for Prada, I did not think that I could really save my opinion, but the reality is that in the total independence I was given, I had the chance to come together my favorite group of people on set and just have fun.”

He also enjoyed exploring the land of high-end fashion and the stereotypes that go along with it. “The chance to stay on what the fashion world shows nowadays and the fact that it is accompanied by so many ideas is attractive and at the same time a bit disappointing, but you certainly can not take no notice of it”.




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