Oliver Peoples Limited Edition – 25th Anniversary


To celebrate a quarter century from the unique Oliver Peoples design, Larry Leight – the company’s creator and creative director – is launching an exclusive edition of models influenced by sketches he drew in 1989. Upon showing on the anniversary, and sorting through his individual archive, he found the pictures and felt they were excellent to create to life in the honour of the milestone.

The models in these sketches are too contemporary for the course of the trademark in the late 80s- which centered on more intelligent eye wear – however their time has come. They symbolize the historical past of a brand that became popular without needing to display its logo. Less is much more is the recipe for achievement for this Californian eye wear designer.

The organization opened its first store in 1986, on the famous Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, first starting with a variety of American-made frames from the years from 1920 to 1950, purchased by Larry at an home sale. The strange name, Oliver Peoples, was discovered on a receipt and was the ideal name to honor who they reasoned had been the first kind owner.

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