Gucci Eyewear Collection Deluxe 2012-2013

GG 3566/S

For the Autumn / Winter 2012-2013 season the Gucci brand has prepared an eyewear collection for women, introduced an elegant choice of sunglasses and prescription frames that share a bohemian spirit with a modern sensuality.

Produced by Creative director Frida Giannini, different frames include innovative and comfortable materials, created in line with the craftsmanship standards that Gucci has grown to be famous.

The massive square-created shades and cat-eye optical frames. The double G company logo design on the temples provides just a little sophisticated elegance (mod. GG3574/S and GG3566).

GG 3574

The Gucci Eyewear Collection 2012-2013 presents its new injection-molded bio-based shades – made from all-natural materials created from incurious, the castor-oil plant.

The double bridge metal bar engrossed in rubber supplies a new allure with this shades. The stripe motif and monogram round the temples give a exclusive touch with this model (mod. GG3588/S).

GG 3588

A distinctive creation technique supplies a special clear colour effect plus an ultra light feel for the next model. The temples feature the metal core showing the engraved Gucci logo design as well as the multi – shaded contacts convey a playful urban touch (mod. GG3587/S).

GG 3587

Large, square-created shades feature the anchor chain inspired with the House’s legendary detail. Small metal rings round the forked temples illuminate the frames (mod. GG3584/S).

Glasses and optical frames, created from the unique eco-friendly acetate getting a greater natural material content, complete all the different products. This new material was launched a year ago, which is available nowadays by 50 percent new exceptional variants. In addition, the 60s-inspired large shades as well as the classic square-created optical frames are decorated while using delicate 1973 GG metal logo design design round the temples (mod. GG3581/S and GG3570).

GG 3570

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