Diane Von Furstenberg – Google Glasses – Summer 2013


Revolutionary interactive spectacles Google debuted on the runway during the New York Fashion Week show as part of the spring collection 2013 from Diane von Furstenberg.

Glasses, created in the course of the project Project Glass, were put on not only by the models, but also were presented by Diane von Furstenberg and co-founder and head of Google – Sergey Brin. In this case, the event was designed not only to showcase new fashion accessory, but the backstage was also filmed with the new multifunctional project glasses.


The result of the experiment – a short film DVF through Glass , which can be seen in September 13. The short movie allows viewers to take a glance behind the scenes of the fashion show dirung the Fashion Week in New York, and literally to see it through the eyes of the creators and actors.

”The beauty, style and comfort are very important to our glasses, as the latest technology. We are happy with the DVF bring them to a fashion runway,”- commented about the new partnership Sergey Brin.


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