Limited Edition Designer Eyewear – Fashion “DIOR METEORE” Sunglasses

DiorMeteore XLLHA

The French luxury brand Dior launched for this spring 2012 season a model of designer sunglasses with inspiration in 50 years, shaped like cat-eyes.

These black “Dior Meteore” designer sunglasses are the with the 50’s retro chic shape are the part of the limited edition (1,000 pieces). Fashion eyewear is produced by hand and decorated with gold a leaf on the outside which was placed manually, every sheet by sheet, on the outside of the temples.

DiorMeteore XLMV6

Designer fashion glasses “Dior Meteore” tortoiseshell with gold leaf on the outside.
Fashion eyewear “Dior Meteor” brown retro shape was inspired by the the 50’s. This fashion line sunglasses also includes only 1,000 copies. Handmade sunglasses, the acetate frame is also is decorated with the gold leaf.

DiorMeteore XLNNR

Giorgio Armani Fashion Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Giorgio Armani eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 campaign

The Giorgio Armani Fashion Eyewear spring-Summer 2012 Ad Campaign can be described as chic, androgynous style and minimalistic lines, calm expression.

Milous Van Groesen, the model which is the face of the main collection is also a star of fashion eyewear Giorgio Armani the spring 2012 Campaign. The photographers of the ads were Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The idea for the photoshoot concept belongs George Cortina.

For this eyewear Summer 2012 campaign you can see classical forms with amazing details so sophisticate and luxury, such as leather, sparkling crystals and not bright colors.

Giorgio Armani glasses Spring-Summer 2012 campaign

Giorgio Armani Sunglasses Spring-Summer 2012 campaign

Lanvin Eyewear Fashion Video Campaign Spring-Summer 2012



Lanvin Eyewear Fashion Video Campaign Spring-Summer 2012

Legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel has prepared an advertising campaign for fashion house Lanvin which is dedicated to the production of clothing and eyewear fashion collections for Spring-Summer 2012.







At this time, you can see the models that were selected for French brand Lanvin to present the new eyewear fashion and clothes lines: Aymeline Valade, Marte Mei van Haaster, Othilia Simon, Aaron Vernon, Johannes Schulze and Angus Lowe. In the promotional pictures model were all brought together at the banquet table with the company of a variety of snakes that during the filming wrapped around the neck, arms and legs. For a better perception of the atmosphere that had prevailed for the dinner, we offer a creative look at the video.

Emporio Armani Eyewear Fashion Campaign Spring-Summer 2012


Video at Emporio Armani Eyewear Fashion Campaign Spring-Summer 2012

The new eyewear fashion spring-summer 2012 campaign Emporio Armani which is shot in black & white by the photographer Alasdair McLellan. The main film’s decorations are the sights of Hong Kong, the city presents the spirit of time, the mix of different cultures, so energetic with harmonic mix between past and future.

The Spring-Summer 2012 Emporio Armani Ad Campaign featuring models Irina Kulikova, Kendra Spears, and Tao Okamoto. Simple elegance, stylish and chic fashion eyewear line.

I will really love the eyewear fashion Emporio Armani collection, the black and white details look dramatic and fashionable too. Don’t forget about the film!




Ray-Ban Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 – Collection “Rare Prints”

rare-prints spring 2012 RB2140 1085/3F Original Wayfarer
RB2140 1085/3F Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1092/3F Original Wayfarer ray-ban rare prints spring summer 2012
RB2140 1092/3F Original Wayfarer

Ray-Ban shows a Wayfarer RARE PRINTS special eyewear series. You can guess that it is no ordinary sunglass collection. This special FASHION EYEWEAR lone has combined colorful new patterns with the original design.

For the coming Spring-Summer season 2012, Ray-Ban the two new eyewear designs in their Wayfarer Rare Prints line. Both of them – Typadelic and Blocks – come in a series of color variations from the 80’s. Check out the new fashion sunglasses!

RB2140 1086/51 Original Wayfarer ray-ban rare prints 2012
RB2140 1086/51 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1034 Original Wayfarer ray-ban summer 2012
RB2140 1073 Original Wayfarer

ray ban rare prints RB2140 1087/32 Original Wayfarer
RB2140 1087/32 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1091/51 Original Wayfarer rare prints ray-ban 2012
RB2140 1091/51 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1084 Original Wayfarer ray ban springsummer 2012
RB2140 1084 Original Wayfarer

Blumarine Eyewear Fashion Campaign Spring-Summer 2012


Blumarine has presented the latest eyewear fashion Spring-Summer 2012 ad campaign by Sebastian Faena and styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele with an amazing model Vika Falileeva. Blonde Vika Falileeva is looking super beautiful.

Blumarine Spring 2012 ad campaign shows trendy and edgy white dress, accessorize with white flowers, which are correspond with the Blumarine Eyewear line – fresh, modern and youthful.

Blumarine Eyewear Fashion Collection is always a world of elegance and individual style. The Spring 2012 collection proves that an accessory is not just a usual “add-on” but a detail that can completely make a difference.


Eyewear Fashion Line Valentino Sunglasses 2012 Spring-Summer Season

VALENTINO sunglasses 2012
Eyewear Fashion Valentino Spring-Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Valentino V606S
Valentino V606S

The new Fashion Line Valentino Sunglasses 2012 Spring-Summer present that past and present history of Italian fashion house are connected to each other. The new Valentino Sunglasses 2012 collection for Spring-Summer sends a strong message: there is a huge contrast between women nature and they modern lifestyle -so romantic, but so strong.

Unusual vintage frames and different decorative details show the new eyewear fashion line for summer 2012: lace, strong lines, acetate shadows in colors. Metal detail in front of the rims and lenses look so “Rock” and correspond with the latest RTW collection. The brand logo “V” is shown as a decorative element and strong detail.

Valentino V611S
Valentino V611S

Valentino V102S
Valentino V102S

Valentino V102S

Eyewear Fashion “Love Vogue” Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

love vogue Eyewear valentine's gift for her

The Christmas holidays have just finished and it is time to think about Valentine’s Day.
The Vogue brand for Valentine’s Day 2012 has presented the delicious and special edition sunglasses. The fashion eyewear “Love Vogue” became a part of the capsule collection designed especially as a Valentine’s Day gift “for her”.

The Vogue fashion eyewear capsule collection consists of sunglasses inspired by vintage and retro chic ideas so popular this fashion season: super oversize, square but rounded contours, created in six different colors with romantic patterns of hearts inside of the frame.
The packaging for Valentine’s Day sunglasses looks very interesting and impressive with pink and red shades.

love vogue Eyewear valentine's gift ideas for her.jpg

The “Love Vogue” eyewear collection is a creative accessory and a great Valentine’s Day Gift for Her. Happy and romantic Valentine’s Day to you!

Fashion Fendi Eyewear Ad Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld S/S 2012

Karl Lagerfeld Arizona Muse Fendi eyewear spring-summer 2012 campaign

The designer Karl Lagerfeld shot the fashion model Arizona Muse in Rome for Fendi spring-summer 2012 ad campaign. Do you remember the amazing Spring runway show?

”Stripes of various colors and sizes sharing the space with flowers, fur coats and knitwear in a pack that includes shades of blue, white and black. And if it once was in tune on this fashion eyewear collection, nothing could be more interesting than the frameless sunglasses inside a sport-chic minimalist style, embellished by the reflection of gold leaf covering the eye lids.”

Fendi sunglasses spring-summer 2012 ad campaign.png

By the Fendi campaign Spring-Summer 2012 talented Karl Lagerfeld shared with us the feeling of sophisticated and elegant Rome architecture and history, charming and stylish ladies.

Karl Lagerfeld Arizona Muse Fendi eyewear summer 2012 campaign

As for us, Arizona Muse is still on the top of her fashion game! Keep it up!