Nike sunglasses for cycling Velocity

The Nike brand sports fashion propose a model of sunglasses really perfect place to practice cycling: If you are fond of cycling and if you want to protect your eyes with an accessory that’s attractive and using advanced engineering materials, here the perfect sunglasses for you and for your biking. We present, in fact, sunglasses for cycling Nike Velocity, intriguing, sporty and stylish design.


The new model of sunglasses from Nike has an ergonomic design, perfect for athletes: the model and ‘very strong, made with the finest materials. Protect your eyes from the sun: a perfect sunglasses to face every race, every climb, but also outings with friends, riding our bike.

Nike Max Optics ® technology allows you to have eyes on a unique product of its kind to have a visual acuity only. A perfect model to practice in freedom ‘safety and your favorite sport. And then there are also interchangeable lenses, to change depending on the degree of illumination of the place where we are.

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