Main Sun Collection Just Cavalli


Just Cavalli presents its new proposals for the Main Sun collection 2010-2011. The line consists of proposals for young, dynamic, sparkling and light, the mood gypsies and hippies, enhanced with a touch of romance and liveliness.
There are ten new models in which the use of different materials and in contrast becomes a game that fully reflects the youthful spirit of the brand. Of the new models, seven are devoted to women, two are unisex and one is devoted exclusively to men.
The presence of models made entirely of metal and feature inserts of different materials such as leather, are the distinguishing feature of the entire collection, which develops in a infinite palette of colors and patterns: bright colors and sparkling for the model and JC323 JC324, but for the fantasies animal model JC329.


The models are unisex and male model forms a template of strong character, with details posted on the front or on the temples, as the reason “Bamboo”.

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