Jessica Alba Oversized Burberry Eyewear “Nude”

Jessica Alba sunglasses BE4107

Jessica Alba don’t leave home without her designer sunglasses. Wherever she goes, whatever the season, day and evening, the celebrity is never separated from her eyewear, which protect eyes not only from the sun but also from the goals of photographers. In this case, Jessica Alba always gives us a very relaxed look, but no less exciting!
Not wearing sunglasses from Ferragamo eyewear collection Jessica Alba prefer the well-known British fashion brand Burberry. Here is a model for her decidedly oversized, the “Burberry Nude”, which are useful for shopping, comfortable walking on the street with children and not only. This modern and contemporary fashion Burberry eyewear are really glamorous.

Burberry sunglasses BE4107
Burberry BE4107

This is the latest model of the British brand Burberry eyewear, which is distinguished for neutral tones go back to the 60’s, motivated by sunglasses with lenses shaped like cat’s eyes, very graceful and stylish. Faceted acetate frame alternate with square or oversized metal aviator is made in delicate pink gold.
Definitely the Jessica Alba style is ideal for any look every day.

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