Carrera Introduces New Ergonomic Sunglasses

Science in the service of the athletic and sports performance, analyzes the interaction between the individual and technologies to improve the product.


The design and specifications of the new glasses Carrera C-ALU3, C-TF02 and R & B X-Lite are the result of advanced studies in ergonomics, the science that analyzes the interaction between the individual and technology to improve athletic performance and sports, careful research of innovative materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.
The MPS (Multiple Position System) is the unique adjustable width and height of the nose. This dual control allows you to maintain an optimal angle pantoscopic for protection, stability and comfort unmatched fit.
The Megolo, hypoallergenic natural rubber, a material developed by industry to increase tire grip on wet tarmac. The nose and the temples are covered in Carrera Megolo hydrophilic and ensure the stability of eyeglasses during sports activities even in the presence of moisture and sweat.

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