Burberry Eyewear Prorsum Spring-Summer 2012 Collection | London Fashion Week

Burberry Prorsum Sunglasses spring summer 2012

The fantastic Fashion Runaway Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2012. We couldn’t expect that the Burberry eyewear can be more impressive.

You should be exited with the new Burberry brand’s eyewear collection. Their Spring-Summer 2012 sunglasses are also very special because we have a chance to see the amazing fashion frames in tribal style. Amazing show in London’s Hyde Park, we saw different patterns and textures to draw the eye: from striking African prints to chevron stripes.

These Burberry eyewear frames show the greatest affection and impeccable fashion taste. One pair of designer sunglasses by Burberry definitely can caught attention! Beautiful frame, geometric design, made with acetate.
Surely Burberry eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 frames will become your good bargain next fashion season!

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