Prada Sunglasses: Mila Jovovich on the set with his sunglasses


Only for a moment from the world of catwalks, to return to the world of our beloved celebrities who, in recent years appear to have developed a deep attachment to the sunglasses, an accessory that until a few years ago was considered as a mere object that he could not well be considered trivial in fact.
Just look at the image offered up here to get a taste of everything: the famous actress Mila Jovovich was in fact paparazzi during a break from the set, it’s running in The Three Musketeers along with fantastic 3D Orlando Bloom, in the company a very interesting pair of Prada sunglasses.
This is a simple frame sunglasses, linear structure consisting of a oversized, thin, blue enriched light gray shaded lenses and temples almost ethereal tones of pearl.

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