Oakley Commit SQ sunglasses

Oakley Commit SQ

The Commit SQ is the new women’s sports performance model, designed to offer no compromise fit, lens quality and stability for sportswomen, whatever their sport.
Available in a huge variety of frame colours and lens tints, I tried the polarized version. The benefits of a polarized lens are a massive reduction in glare and dazzle and Oakley’s lens claims greater than 99% polarization efficiency. It does have the somewhat bizarre side effect of making car windscreens look 3D but other than that the result is a restful and squint free ride, no matter how sunny. Oakley’s Plutonite lens material stops all UV. The tough lenses are also treated with a water and grease resistant coating, which provided you look after the glasses as suggested, will keep them smear and scratch free for years.
Oakley Commit SQ

Aside from sun protection, the Commits also offer impact resistance that’ll protect your eyes from debris. The shape of the frame and lens partnership also assists in this, providing good coverage around the whole eye socket area, yet still allowing for easy all round vision, with no impingement. The Commit frame is fine tuned to be best suited to the shape of a female face.
Most importantly, obviously, the Commits look very cool. They will happily shade your eyes whether you’re mooching around town, hitting the slopes, out on the yacht (the polarized lens is ideal for watersports too) or chasing down that breakaway group, and you’ll always look the part.

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