Justin Bieber Raps Up With Ray-Ban RB2140


The Canadian, pop and R&B singer Justin Beiber posed in the camera with a peace sign wearing Ray-Ban RB2140 sunglasses. This eyewear is very popular in celebrities for quite sometime now. If you are looking for that hot eyewear, make sure it includes wayfarers!
Ray-Ban’s RB2140 sunglasses is the modern version of classic wayfarers. Instead of well-defined curved upper rim, this one has soft figure that makes it more wearable and trendy. In front is a pair of squared lenses coated to protect your eyes from UV rays. These lenses are cased in a wayfarer-inspired frame with Ray-Ban significant metal bar inlay on the upper end pieces. On one hand, the temples are acetate-laminated metal that also has some of Ray-Ban’s metal signature near the hinges.

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