Emilio Pucci: Super oversize sunglasses

Emilio Pucci

We present a frame sunglasses, part of the collection eyewear brand, Emilio Pucci, which, recently, we proposed, in broad terms, the new eyewear line in summer 2010, a collection in which to rule, as it should be during this time of year is the color in all its meanings, shades ranging from bright blue to red blood up to the purple, as we shall see in this case.
The glasses in question are proposed at the front in a stunning shade of purple, much in vogue right now, and are composed of a great oversized frame, slightly softened square lines on the sides with brown shaded lenses. Rods which are extraordinary, very thin, are designed with a fancy multicolor pink ranging from orange to brown, purple to white milk, creating a game very riginale shades.
A pair of sunglasses that witches many lovers of power color!

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