Dsquared2: Halle Berry chooses aviator sunglasses


We want propose a very elegant pair sunglasses of Dsquared2 eyewear collection which were sighted on the sweet face of the note and intriguing actress Halle Berry and going to emphasize and make it more perfect and divine, by their form, the sweet profile of the American.
The Dsquared2 sunglasses in question have a very simple aviator style frame with oversized lenses to drop slightly, not qualified. Indeed, in this case, the lenses are very opaque and decided to go and cover the entire look of the artist.
Details are also temples which stand apart from the rest of the frame for their color appearance, for they are much lighter than the rest of the sunglasses.
A pair of Dsquared2 sunglasses decidedly chic and refined with a sporting vein that we absolutely do not mind fashion addicted.

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