D&G Sunglasses: sunglasses with pink cat by MDG


After a first collection of sunglasses designed by Dolce ang Gabbana and Madonna, a second line of sunglasses really explosive designed for next spring-summer 2011, a series of models of glasses that will surely be snapped up.
Among the different models of sunglasses all, or almost, of very strong vintage and retro inspiration, today I decided to offer a very interesting pair of sunglasses highly suited to be exploited during the summer as very full of color, a cheerful shade that goes well with the atmosphere of that period.
Going into details of these sunglasses are made from a stunt cat, ’50s and ’60s style, so much exasperated to the outside, made with a clear acetate front in bright pink color, very fashion and trend, combined Faded brown lenses that go well with a very specific proposals of the stems with an interesting interplay of tones and lines that go from dark brown to beige until you reach a white milky-white, brindle an almost!
A pair of glasses very attractive and glamorous accessories that will become a more worn during the next season!

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