Chrome Hearts Elixer Sunglasses: A New Classy Type Of Wayfarer

Chrome Hearts Elixer

Since wayfarer sunglasses is the fashion hype in Hollywood celebrities, you now can expand your options by buying this kind of eyewear. One of the greatest models can be found from the legendary Chrome Hearts. The wayfarer model that this brand offers is named Elixer, which is actually a magical term.
Elixer sunglasses possess the wayfarer style. In spite of this, the Elixer does not look like the common wayfarer cliché like others. So instead of the elaborative pointed upper end pieces, Elixer arrives with a somewhat subtle masculine cut. On the temples is the metal bar design engraved with one of Chrome Hearts’ trademark logo.
The Chrome Hearts may not have designed Elixer to perform magic in your life, but it will do wonders in your outfits. This Elixer sunglasses can be yours.

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