Carrera: the frame strips


In regard to style and vintage Reto Today we want to propose a pair of sunglasses really super fashionable and glamorous, particularly suited to the season that we are living now as colorful, rich in nuances and shades lively, very warm and cheerful symbol of this Summer period is characterized by the use of clothing and accessories super colorful, fresh, full of vitality.
This is a pair of sunglass eyewear collection are part of the famous Carrera brand, a brand born in Austria in the mid 50s and since then has been a great success thanks to the conception and design of glasses of high quality design always in line with current fashion trends.
The sunglasses in question are clearly inspired by the frames used during the 80 lines with very very strict at the top and most buttery, rounded bottom with shaded lenses in a special brown tobacco. Interesting color combination is proposed.

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